Civil War 10th Grade Summer Assignment

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Civil War Summer Assignment Planner


Introduction: We are the proud flagship school of the Gilder Lehrman Institute. The Institute has been leading the way in American History education since 1994. Our school enjoys rich U.S. History resources and funding for many programs through the Gilder Lehrman Institute.


As part of our 10th grade U.S. History curriculum you will write a Civil War Essay that may be entered into the Gilder Lehrman Civil War essay contest. All students must submit all essay assignments (including this one), classwork and a final Civil War essay by the beginning of December. You will write an essay regarding a specific topic of the Civil War period. These topics can span the Antebellum period, the Civil War and/or Reconstruction period in U.S. history. 


Before you start viewing sources please read the instructions and rubric for the Gilder Lehrman U.S. Civil War Paper found here :


Task: Please view three sources on the U.S. Civil War and answer the three questions below. Please submit this assignment during the first week back to school in September to your 10th grade U.S. history teacher.



- View at least three sources:


Website sources:


Gilder Lehrman Website on the U.S. Civil War


Civil War Trust:


Youtube videos:

John Green Crash Course U.S. Civil War

Part I:

Part II:


History Channel:

History Channel, The Story of Us:

Reconstruction Video:


You are not limited to these videos or websites. The goal is to immerse yourself in the U.S. Civil War so you can generate a topic of interest for your paper.


Writing Assignment:

Please answer the following questions.


What three sources did you view?




What was one key idea or area of interests that you discovered from each source?




What specific area of the U.S. Civil War era interested you the most and why?



 Questions contact the Assistant Principal for Social Studies, Mr. Vanderwalker - email