Dear Parents/Guardians:

Your child is currently enrolled in a class or classes that end in a New York State Regents Exam in June.  Students who are currently in Algebra, Sophomore English, Living Environment, and Earth Science who pass the class in June will automatically be granted a Regents waiver and will not have to take the Regents exam in June or in the future.  However, if you would like your child to opt in to taking the exam rather than having it waived, you may choose that in this survey.  If your child is taking the exam, it will be in person.

Parents/Guardians may opt to have their students take the exam(s) in June in person at the Academy rather than having it waived.  Further guidance from the DOE is forthcoming.

In order for us to safely plan for students to take the Regents exam, we must know how many students plan to sit for the tests.  Please complete the following survey:


This should be done by May 14, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Solkoff at msolkoff@schools.nyc.gov or your child’s guidance counselor.

Ms. Antoine:  MAntoine@schools.nyc.gov

Ms. Colon:  NBanyonColon@schools.nyc.gov

Ms. Wilson:  RWilson13@schools.nyc.gov



Mark Solkoff

Assistant Principal


 June 2021 Regents Exam Schedule