College Now Fall 2020 Cohort Program

The College Now Cohort Program is sponsored by CUNY LaGuardia.  The courses traditionally take place on the LaGuardia Campus.  The Cohort Program is not the High School program that is hosted through the Academy of American Studies. For programming requests for the HS Program at Academy of American Studies, please talk with your Guidance Counselor regarding your course preferences for next school year.

The Cohort Program is where students from different high schools take classes together with a LaGuardia professor.  At this time, it is unclear, if instruction will be 100% remote, in person on campus, or a hybrid(mix) of both.  These courses when remote are usually held synchronously (at the time the class is scheduled).  So, if a course is announced to run on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5:30pm, you will need to be available to attend this class either remotely (for example: through Zoom) or in person on campus.

The classes are tentatively scheduled to start September  14th.

Registration for these courses are due by June 5th. You will make your requests through Mr. Randle, the College Now Coordinator.  

These courses are open to students who will be Juniors and Seniors in the Fall.

Go to this link to submit your preferences and to review the schedule and pre-requisties to be eligible to take these courses.

Questions - contact Mr. Randle

College Now Program

What is College Now?

College Now is a FREE program designed to prepare New York City’s public high school students for the next big thing – College.  It is a program open to juniors and seniors.

 Why should I take a College Now Course?

  • Free College Credit

  • College Preparatory Experience

  • Added bonus to your high school transcript & resume

  • CUNY Student ID

  • Scholarship opportunities

 Will colleges accept the credit?

In most cases, College Now credits transfer directly within the CUNY system.  Credits usually transfer to other colleges as well. You’ll have to check with the colleges you are applying to regarding their credit transfer policies.

 Is there a limit to how many college credits I can earn through College Now?

You are limited to 12 CUNY college credits in total.



Questions About College Now

Speak to Mr. Randle- College Now Program Coordinator

or Mr. Condon, College Now Program Advisor

or Your Guidance Counselor

Course Offerings 2020-2021 School Year

Speak to your Guidance Counselor about selecting course preferences for the 2020-2021 school year.

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College Now Sequence

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