Dear Students and Families:

Regents Exams are being offered this coming January 2022. The exams that are being offered are as followed:

English Chemistry Algebra II/Trigonometry
Living Environment Physics Geometry
Earth Science Algebra I Global History

Taking a January regents would apply to the following students:

1 - Students who do not want the WAIVER to remain and would prefer a grade.

2 - Students who took a Regent exam and want to try for a higher grade.

3 - Students who do not fall into the categories for a waiver and are still required to take the exam.  For example, a student who transferred in 2021/2022 and want the opportunity to take the exam in January rather than waiting for June, thereby having 2 opportunities.


Students who wish to take a Regents Exam in January MUST see their Guidance Counselor by November 24 in order to register for the exam. Students should see their Guidance Counselor’s for information regarding these exams. Thank you.

January 2022

     January 2022 Regents Exam Schedule