The Academy Honor Society has four pillars for success (scholarship, leadership, service, character) that are incorporated into our requirements for candidacy.


Scholarship:  Students require a cumulative transcript average of 90 or better in June of their sophomore year in order to become a candidate for junior honor society or June of their junior year in order to become a candidate for senior honor society.  Students must maintain a 90+ average in the fall semester of the junior/senior year to be inducted in June.  Students who are candidates for junior honor society are not automatically candidates for senior honor society.


Leadership:  Involvement in the school community is imperative in order for candidates to become good role models for their peers.  Students must be active participants in student government, a school club, team or activity during the time of their candidacy. 


Service:  Students must complete 25 hours of community service in addition to the school requirement.  Service can be accomplished both inside and outside of school.  Each prospective student will receive a form to keep a record of his or her service.  Service may not be done in lieu of classes but may be performed before school, after school, during study hall, or during lunch.  Prior to commencing a project, students should check with the coordinators of the Honor Society to ensure that the project will be accepted for service credit.  Service will commence July 1.  ALL SERVICE MUST BE COMPLETED BY MARCH 15.


Character:  Students must demonstrate high standards of character including exemplary attendance.  A dean’s record will disqualify candidacy.  Students must attend the Installation Ceremony on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 6:30pm in order to be installed into the society.



  • Selection to the Academy Honor Society is a privilege, not a right. Students must meet and maintain the standards set up by the Academy Honor Society Faculty Council.
Students who have not been in attendance at the Academy of American Studies during part of the evaluation period will be judged on an individual basis.  Records from previous schools will be reviewed to determine eligibility for Honor Society.