Community Service Handbook

Download a copy of the Community Service Handbook here:  communty serivce handbook fall 2018 doc.pdf 

Includes recommendations on programs that sponsor community service projects.

Community Service Grid

Download a copy of the record keeping grid here:  community service grid2018-2019.pdf 



Overview and Requirements

Community Service and Volunteerism are significant aspects of the college application and scholarship process therefore, the Academy of American Studies as a college preparatory high school, requires all 10th, 11th, and 12th graders to complete a minimum community service hour requirement.  Students will benefit from the opportunity to make meaningful connections and enrich the lives of others by providing service for individuals or public organizations for the benefit of the community.  Service should be performed outside of school hours unless under the supervision of a staff member.   Service credit can be awarded to active members of student organizations and teams.

 The Academy of American Studies Community Service Requirement will be documented on the student’s Final Report Card and Official High School Transcript.

 Successful completion of all three year grade requirements will be necessary for a student to earn the Academy Honors Endorsement on their diploma.

The Criteria:

  1. Students are required to complete a minimum number of service hours per year between their sophomore and senior year.

    10th Grade Minimum Requirement = 20 hours         11th Grade Minimum Requirement = 35 hours              12th Grade Minimum Requirement = 45 hours

  • The above hours are minimums and all students should remember that quality service is more valuable than quantity of hours.
  • Honor Society Community Service Requirement: Grade requirement plus an additional 25 hours
  • Students who complete more than 50 or 100 hours will be recognized at the annual Academic Awards Night in June of each school year.
  1. A community service class and grade will appear on your final report card and transcript.
  2. All community service must be performed without monetary reward, however, just because you work for free, does not mean it is community service. If you work for a private business, or a doctor’s office—you are not performing community service. To be sure your hours will count, work for NON-PROFIT organizations.  Places like the YMCA or senior-citizen homes are ideal.
  3. The service hours cannot be performed for a family member unless pre-approved by the Mr. Randle.
  4. As a standard, the community service should benefit at least one person other than the student or the student’s relative(s).
  5. Students may select their own sites/activity using the list provided in the Community Service handbook or they may seek approval for an alternative site/activity from Mr. Randle.
  6. Students may earn community service hours performed with a club and/or school sports team. To earn the credit you must have personally put in the hours and your advisor/coach must verify your contribution and performance to the community service project. Students can only earn up to ten hours of community service through their club and/or school sports team participation.
  7. You must have signatures on the Community Service grids verifying the exact hours and dates which you volunteered. If you misplace your grid, you will find new ones in the information center outside of Room 451 or the Student Activities Office in the South building.
  8. 9. Students who perform 100 or more hours for any organization or individual must submit a letter of documentation/recommendation from the sponsor of the community service activity.
  9. Upon completion of their volunteer work, students will submit their logs and reflections describing their experience. You should include photos to document your service as part of your reflection paper. See Mr. Randle for specific guidelines. Reflections and community service grids will be due to Mr. Randle in the Student Activities Office before 3pm on Friday, May 24th, 2019.
  10. If you have any questions, please see Mr. Randle BEFORE you begin the community service. It is better to find out your service would not count—before you start it!
  11. If you volunteer on a regular basis for an organization or charity, make sure to get a letter of recommendation as documentation of your service.
  12. Community Service that is performed in June, July, and August will count towards your requirements for the upcoming school year.

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”-T. Roosevelt