Dear Academy Students and Families,

Now that we are all acquainted and comfortable the time has come to assign lockers to students.  

There are a few requirements in order to have a locker at the school:

  • Your attendance must be 90% or higher

  • You must have submitted a meal form and have a physical blue card on record

  • You must not be picked up in a lateness to class hall sweep after Friday 10/21/22

  • No Deans record or any history of negative interactions with the dean's office

  • You must use a lock sold in Student Government. You can get one at the start /end of your day or during your lunch

  • Locker numbers will be assigned.  No switching lockers with anyone for any reason

  • If you need any special locker accommodations, it must be accompanied by a physician's note

Any student assigned a locker will have to submit the signed contract to Ms. Ortiz in the main office room 101 before they can use the locker.  This step needs to be done first before anyone is allowed to start using their locker.  We will then begin to give students access to their assigned locker during their PE period.  Zip ties will be removed, and locks can be placed on assigned lockers. 

The school reserves the right to remove locker privileges any time it deems necessary.

Locker numbers will be assigned to students that qualify via email on Friday October 28th.  The locker contract will be attached to that email.