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Academy Girls Basketball

Basketball season is almost here.  Please find below information for potential athletes interested in trying out for the Lady Eagles Varsity Basketball Team. 

No cut tryouts will take place over three days.  Please arrive to the gym/room on time, wearing a mask and gym clothing: 

October 25th - 4th floor gym - 3:50 - 5:50 

October 26th – Room 413 - 5:00 - 5:50    2nd floor gym - 5:55 - 7:00 

October 27th – 4th floor gym - 3:30 - 5:30 

In order to tryout all athletes must turn in a completed: Medical Form, a Parental Consent Form, a Covid Testing Consent Form and they must upload their proof of vaccination to the vaccination portal by October 22, 2021.   


As basketball is classified as a high-risk sport all athletes must be vaccinated to participate.  There are no exceptions. 


I strongly suggest that all potential athletes complete all the necessary paperwork and turn them into me (Mr. Condon) in room 413 as soon as possible.  If anyone needs a physical copy of any of the forms, they can also stop by room 413 for a copy. 


Academy of American Studies Sports Update for SY 2021-2022 (PSAL Athletic Teams) - Updated August 15, 2021

All PSAL participants MUST have the following documents completed prior to the first day of practice/tryouts.  Please note, students playing different sports each season only need ONE completed medical form each school year.  Each student athlete MUST submit the completed forms/documents to their coach.

  1. PSAL Medical Form (be sure it is COMPLETED and that the physician includes their stamp with their license number where appropriate). Only page 3 of the form needs to be turned in to your coach and the remainder of the medical can be left on file with your doctor. 
  2. Parental Consent Form (be sure parents/guardians have initialed in EVERY space provided). 
  1. NYC DOE COVID Testing Consent Form.  The updated form for the fall and can be downloaded as a Google Doc or a PDF
  2. All student athletes must have their parents/guardians complete the lunch form online at Please know that these forms must be completed only one time.  If you need to check the status of your submission, please do not hesitate to ask your Coach and/or Ms. Sherlock.  We can get back to you with that information in a timely manner.
We have heard from PSAL regarding most of our fall sports teams.  Practices and/or tryouts are starting for some teams on or about August 15.  Please contact the coach for your specific sport for more details.

Academy Fall Sports Teams:

Boys Bowling:  Coach Labarbera 

Girls Bowling:  Coach Loesch

Boys Cross Country:  Coach Carey

Girls Cross Country:  Coach Giannoukakis

Boys Soccer:  Coach Silver

Girls Soccer:  Coach Sarceno

Girls Volleyball:  Coach Ghafary


Academy Winter Sports Teams:

Boys Basketball:  Coach Carey

Girls Basketball:  Coach Condon 


Academy Spring Sports Teams:

Co Ed Stunt:  Coach Schloss

Boys Baseball:  Coach Carey

Girls Flag Football:  Coach Gil

Girls Softball:  Coach Sarceno

Boys Volleyball:  Coach Giannoukakis


​Please feel free to contact me, Kristin Sherlock, Academy's Athletic Director, with any questions or concerns as well via email at

We are excited and looking forward to a successful Fall 2021 Sports and Academic Season!  Go Eagles!


Hi Academy!

As just announced by Mayor de Blasio and our school's Chancellor, COVID vaccinations are now mandatory for all those involved (student athletes, coaches, and the Athletic Director) in high risks sports and bowling for SY 2021-2022.  The mandate can be found on the PSAL website.

This mandate includes football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, stunt, rugby, and bowling.  For Academy, that means all girls and boys volleyball, all girls and boys basketball, co ed stunt, and all girls and boys bowling.

 Official Letter from the Chancellor and Frequently Asked Questions  -  Update for Families on PSAL August 20 2021.pdf  


Girls Varsity Bowling Team

Girls Varsity Bowling: Any student-athletes interested in trying out for the Girls Varsity Bowling Team, please send me an email ASAP as I would like to schedule a tryout next week as our season is scheduled to begin on Wednesday 9/22, 3 weeks from today.

Once again, participants MUST complete a Parental Consent Form, a 2021 Medical Form, a COVID Consent to Testing Form & you MUST receive a your Covid-19 vaccination. NO Exceptions! 

Please refer to this PSAL website for all printable forms.

Once again, there are No exceptions for trying out without All 3 forms completed & brought to me on the 1st day of tryouts.

Any questions, please send me an email:

Be well.

Mr. Loesch


Attention: Any girls interested in joining the Girls Varsity Bowling Team must have their forms filled out ASAP as we will start tryouts & practices beginning as early as Tuesday Sept.7.  

 Before you can tryout, you must have the required parental consent form, the New Medical form fully completed, and a completed COVID Consent to Testing form or you cannot participate in any tryouts or practices.   

 Also please note the following NYC DOE mandate: 

"Mayor DeBlasio is announcing today, as part of the city’s multilayered approach to health and  safety in our schools, that COVID-19 vaccination will be required for all students and staff  participating in high-risk Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) sports this year. This requirement applies to scholar-athletes, coaches, and athletic directors." 
Therefore no Vaccination, no Bowling. 
Lastly, All practices are totally student self-funded as we do Not have a budget for bowling. This goes for both Tryouts & Practices. The approximate cost for shoe rentals & 2 Games is  about $12-$15. You can check with the Bowling Alley for exact pricing. Feel free to get started  & bowl a few games on your own over the next 2 weeks.  
Some of you have reached out to me already. 
Any further questions, please feel free to contact me. 
Until September.  
Mr. Loesch 

Girls Volleyball Team Tryouts

From Coach Ghafary...

Any girls interested in trying out for the girls volleyball team must attend the try outs which are this week (August 30). The try outs are held at Academy of American Studies.  Please understand this is the last week for try outs so please make an effort to attend if you’re interested as the roster will be created after that.

You must have the appropriate forms all filled out (please see the school website for all the forms).

Tryout times vary everyday and are as follows:

Monday 8/30: 9-11

Tuesday 8/31: 11-1

Wednesday 9/1: 11-1

Thursday 9/2: 11-1

Friday 9/3:  9-11

You should email both Coach Ghafary and Ms. Sherlock the night before you plan on attending the try out date, so this can be confirmed (in case there is a cancellation).

You must wear a mask during the entirety of practice.

Bring water and be in comfortable clothing and appropriate athletic sneakers.

-Coach Ghafary

(email address is


Hello Academy of American Studies Eagles!  The Boys Cross Country Team will be holding Team Sign Up/Tryouts @ Cunningham Park on Wednesday September 1st @ 10 am!  
Please have all your paperwork completed BEFORE coming to the tryouts.  
Here is the link for the PSAL Paperwork.  All documents can be found under the "Parent & Student Forms" section.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Carey @


From Coach Ghafary...

If you are interested in trying out for the Girls Volleyball Team, you must have the following forms all filled out (all the forms are on --> resources & procedures --> printable forms --> parent & student forms)  : 

1) Parental Consent form (please make sure your parent/guardian's initials are printed and not yours).  Please make sure to fill out the osis #, and school name at the top of the form. 

2) Medical form (not the school medical form, it has to be the PSAL version).  There should be 4 pages to that form. Some are to be filled out by your parent/ guardian, and the rest by your doctor.  Make sure it is dated and stamped by the doctor's office or else it's not valid.  

Additionally, before entering the building for try outs, you must fill-out the health screen (this will be done on a daily basis).  This can be found at

All of the forms mentioned above must be filled out appropriately, and brought with you on the first day of try outs. 

All female students interested in trying out for the girls volleyball team must come to the school between the hours of 11 am -noon on Friday August 20th to turn in their paper work.
Try outs will most likely be the following week.
Please have everything signed and filled out appropriately. 
I will be outside of the school wearing an academy shirt collecting your forms.
See you then 
-Coach Ghafary 

At try outs: 

  • Bring hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes  
  • you should be appropriately dressed to work out.   
  • If you have knee pads bring them.   
  • You must wear athletic footwear (NO shelltoes, converse, vans, etc...). 
  • You must bring your own ball (here are some links for the balls… just get ONE! And write your name or initials on it in sharpie) 


  • If you have asthma, bring your inhaler and leave it with me in case of an emergency. 
  • Bring a water bottle (I don't think the water fountains work at school as of now). 
  • Bring a positive attitude. 

I recommend that you start doing some cardio, lots of pushups and lunges and work on your core. You will be VERY sore if you don’t start working out now.  

Looking forward to seeing you at try outs. 

Coach Ghafary 




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For more specific details about meeting location and schedule of meetings, please contact the individual club advisor or coach.

For more information about our teams and clubs speak to the following staff members:

Athletic Director: Ms. Sherlock

Coordinator of Student Affairs: Ms. Dudley