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Winners of the Academy of American Studies History Fair

History Day Themed Essay Category

3. “Worcester V. Georgia” by Sofia Prieto 

2. “Movin’ and Shakin’: Shakerism and Its Influence on American Utopian Communities” by Auden Torres 

1. “The Manhattan Project: A History Defining Invention” by Farhan Ahsan 


In the Documentary Category: 

3. “The Frontier of Hollywood and Moving Pictures ” by Francesca Puleo and Cienna London 

2. “Women in Medicine In World War I: Uncovering the Unsung Heroes” by Arithra Das 

1. “Satanic Panic” by Lordina Ampe , Alice Drummond , Helen DeFalco , Jessenya Liverma , Linda Valitutti 


In the Website Category: 

3. “Alaskan Purchase: Native Alaskans and U.S. Expansionism” by Raquel Wong 

2. We have a tie for 2nd Place “Cold War: Battle for Claiming the Space Frontier” by Ye-Ari Kim  

Shiori Itō: #MeToo Movement of 2017” by Katherine Felix 

1. “Connecting Coasts: The Transcontinental Railroad” by Sienna Kwok and Zoe Huang 


 In the Exhibit Category: 

3. “The Donner Party” by Sumaiya Monnan, Mantasha Maliha 

2. “Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries” by Tatiana Perdomo 

1. “The Discovery of Polonium and Radium” by Paulina Gortat 


In the Performance Category: 

2. “February 9 1964; the Day Music Changed Forever.” by Ella Cohen and Inigo Villavert 

1. “Pointed to the Stars” by Kayley Khokhar-Donohue