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About the Academy's History Fair

At the Academy of American Studies we are proud to present the 6th annual History Day Fair. The concept of our fair is modeled after the National History Day competition. In fact, some entries moved onto the city-wide competition in March and won. Six of the projects are moving on to the state wide competition. Students had the opportunity to complete the project individually or as a group with the exception of research papers that can only be done by an individual. There were five possible categories that students could choose as the option for their project. Those categories are websites, documentaries, podcasts, virtual exhibits and research papers. This year the theme in which the projects had to relate to was “Communication in History: The Key to Understanding”. This project involves students from across grades 9-11 and we are particularly proud this year of all their hard work because it was done remotely. We are happy that this year we could maintain this important tradition at Academy and celebrate the accomplishments of our students.NHD LOGO for 2021 Competition theme of Communication in History

Thank You and Acknowledgement

This year under difficult and unusual circumstances we were able to carry out and continue the tradition of the History Fair.  The theme for NHD 2021 which we model our fair after is Communication in History: The Key to Understanding a very fitting theme to the reality of the times.  We are all using alternative modes of communication in our day to day lives.  With the hard work of our students and the dedication of their Social Studies teachers we proudly present the 6th Annual History Day Fair. 
A special thanks to all the Social Studies teachers who supported their students in creating projects and judging them for the fair.
Ms. Condon, Ms. Dorfman, Ms. Dudley, Mr. Espinal, Mr. Jacobs, Ms. Kiernan, Mr. Loesch, Mr. Maggio, Ms. Meltz, Ms. Moulton, Mr. Perez, Mr. Randle, Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Shah, Mr. Smyth, Ms. Toro, Ms. Tuite, Ms. Tzortzatos
Thank you to the following Student Government members for helping with the History Fair.
Mahmoud Kourani, Mia Giusiano, Madjola Ymeraj, Habibah Aldakak, Eric Mejia, Evelyn Mogrovejo, Yongyan Yu, Tavano Vigliotti 
Lastly, this would not have been possible without the support from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and we are proud to the Flagship High School of the Gilder Lehrman Institute.
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