History Fair 2021 Papers

Winning Papers

11th & 12th Grade Papers

Samuel Jimenez Canizal - The Radio in the 1920s: A Revolutionary Invention

Sayema Rahman - Yellow Journalism and the U.S.S. Maine Explosion (Process Paper)

Justyna Tyburczy - Hawaii's Linguistic History and its Attempted Assimilation  (Bibliography) (Process  paper)

Myka Aquino - Then the World Stopped and Listened: Black Activists and the Speeches that Impacted the Civil Rights Movement

Stavroula Dimitriadis - The Introduction of American Sign Language (Bibliography) (Process Paper)

Caterina Matone - Ruth Bader-Ginsburg: Fighting with Words for Gender Equality (Bibliography)

Juan Ore - The Evolution of Language: American Diction (Bibliography)

Ahmed Hamouda - An Unbreakable Code 

Ivan Dobis - The Progressive Influence of the Muckrakers (Bibliography)

Leah Garcia - Muckrakers during the Progressive Era

Tisha Raji - Rise of Televisions in the 1950s

Shamia Khan - Communications In History Through Franklin Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats 

Jaymel Byrd - Kansas City Call Newspaper Founded by Chester Arthur Franklin

Beliz Gul - Communications in History: The WWII Navajo Code talkers

Charles Zhang -The Zimmerman Telegram and its correlation with communication

Diana Marlega - Communication with no language - How did Europeans and Native Americans break the silence? (Bibliography) (Process Paper)

Daniel Shi - Newspapers, Leading Cause for Colonial Protests (Bibliography) (Process Paper)

12th Grader - Gabriel Palomino - The Early History of the Presidential Press Conference (Bibliography) (Process Paper)